New Frankfurt Towers

New Frankfurt Towers - Kaiserlei Offenbach - Hochhaus geplant
New Frankfurt Towers - Kaiserlei Offenbach - Hochhaus geplant

The CG Group, AG from Berlin plans to invest some 300 million euros on the site between Berliner Strasse, Kaiserleikreisel, Strahlenbergerstrasse and Goethering in Offenbach to transform two office buildings with 19 and 23 floors into a residential complex. A new city centre called ‘Vitopia’ is to be built around them. In addition, a new office building will be erected on the site.

The two residential buildings are connected via a two-story pedestal. 569 high-quality apartments are to be built. The CG Group wants to develop the buildings as “vertical villages”. The aim of this business area is to rehabilitate and re-use office buildings and commercial space in the centre of large cities. Offices will function as “co-working spaces”, and a marketplace with restaurants and cafes, retail and fitness facilities are to be added.

New Frankfurt Towers in Offenbach - Apartments to rent - Kaiserlei area - concrete highrise under construction in August 2019 by CG Gruppe
Kaiserlei Offenbach Kreisel - New Frankfurt Towers - CG Gruppe - Eike Becker Architekten
High-rise buildings under construction at Kaiserlei area in Offenbach, at the border to Frankfurt - February 2018

Status June 2017: Construction work has just begun.

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