Petra Roth Oberbürgermeisterin Frankfurt 1995-2012

Petra Roth is now an honorary citizen

The former mayor of Frankfurt, Petra Roth (CDU), was awarded the honorary citizenship of the City of Frankfurt on 23 March 2017 by a large majority of the town council. This is the highest award that the City of Frankfurt has to award. Her successor, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD), put forward Roth for the honour. The vote took place in a non-public session. The document is to be handed over to Petra Roth in a ceremony in the Emperor’s Hall.

The award has been seen by some citizens as a controversial one, as, among other issues, it was during Mrs. Roth’s term of office that the divisive expansion of Frankfurt Airport through the Nordwestbahn (north western runway) took place.

Petra Roth, with this award, stands alongside other honorary citizens, such as Helmut Kohl, Albert Schweitzer, Theodor Heuss, Max Horkheimer and Frances Mitterrand. This award has only previously been granted once to a woman, to Trude Simonsohn.

Born in Bremen, Petra Roth was Lord Mayor over several terms, including 1997-199 and 2002-2005, and from 2009-2011, was also President of the Deutsches Städtetag. During this time, Mrs Roth committed herself to the preservation of trade tax, which each municipality decided independently. In 2013, Mrs. Roth was appointed honorary member of the German town council.

Photo: Petra Roth in 2001 (City of Frankfurt)

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