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New Tower Main East Gate is being built at the Offenbach Harbor

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An office building up to 70 meters high (230 feet) is to be built on the Harbor Square Offenbach. With about 20 storeys and a gross floor area of ​​approx. 13,600 square meters (146,400 square feet), an architecturally high-quality high-rise building is to be built in the newly created district in the heart of the Rhein-Main region.

Coming from the east to Frankfurt, the MAIN GATE EAST will be the first visible tower on the Main river and thus have landmark character. On the approx. 2,800 square meters (9,200 square feet) big plot the planned building will contain office, retail and restaurant space as well as parking areas in the neighboring car park. The project volume amounts to about 65 million euros. The project is being developed by EYEMAXX Real Estate AG, which implements the building together with 6B47 Germany GmbH.

Construction is scheduled to start in mid-2020 and completion is scheduled for the end of 2022. EYEMAXX plans to sell the property to an investor after completion.

Together with OPG Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, which develops and markets the port of Offenbach, EYEMAXX is now preparing an architectural competition with five selected applicants. The jury will also include representatives of the city of Offenbach and the OPG.

The MAIN GATE EAST is to benefit in a special way from the consistent urban development of the city of Offenbach. OPG, the multi-award winning public real estate company of Stadtwerke-Gruppe Offenbach, has successfully revitalized the former industrial port and transformed it into a lively, urban quarter with an exciting mix of living and working, education and culture, sports and leisure. In attractive WasserlagevSind high living comfort and creative work atmosphere with a high-quality infrastructure connected – from a kindergarten and elementary school on a shopping and cultural center to a variety of recreational and recreational opportunities. The state of Hesse wants to build its new university for design here in just a few years.

The Offenbacher Hafen was one of the first lodgings ever to be precertified with gold in the category city quarter Neubau by the German Sustainable Building Council.

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