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New Office for Construction and Real Estate starts

The two city councilors Sylvia Weber and Jan Schneider have announced the upcoming reform of the administration during two meetings at the Department of Property Management, and the School Administrators and Municipal Cleaning Staff.

During intensive consultations and preparatory work, it was decided that areas of school development planning, the implementation of phase 0, the definition of space and space standards for schools and day care centres, budgeting and user acceptance would be settled at the end of the construction project in the municipal school. The department has agreed that 92 full-time equivalents – the full-time positions of the current Department of Property Management – will in future be located in the new ABI, and 47 posts will remain in the municipal school. “Securing the operational and planning security of the department in the future is also of great importance, in light of the growing number of pupils,” stated Weber.

The Office for Construction and Real Estate (ABI), on the other hand, will, in the future, assume all tasks beyond all lifecycle phases of a building and complete property management. It is thus responsible for the basic analysis, planning, construction, operation and the possible demolition of buildings. In the future, the respective offices and companies will commission the ABI (also the owner) to build or renovate buildings within the framework of a coordinated budget. Another new feature will be one unit within the ABI that will now be responsible for the entire operational phase of building management. In this way, building maintenance, as well as the testing of buildings and any required tenant support can be covered. The ABI is thus the point of contact for all issues relating to property questions for the municipal school, other municipal offices, companies and users.

In this area, most of the employees will be transferred to the Office for Construction and Real Estate by the City Council. However, in principle it is mainly open to the employees interested in other areas of the future office for construction and real estate.

“In the real estate management department of the municipal school, an interest-seeking procedure will be carried out from the end of May to clarify which employees would like to work in the new ABI and who wants to remain in the municipal school,” says Weber. The voluntary nature of the decision is thus guaranteed.

The colleagues in school house administration and cleaning will in future all be part of the new ABI, but neither in their area of ​​responsibility nor in their place of work, nor in their grouping, will anything change: “Together with the Office for Construction and Real Estate, we have also developed a two-stage qualification concept, which enables further development in the area of ​​facility management,” said Councillor Weber. The continuing education as a “state-certified building manager” at the Philipp-Holzmann school will also remain open to all interested parties.

City Councilor Schneider affirms that the issue of qualification is an important issue for the future office for construction and real estate, which is why a qualification concept for all functions within the ABI will soon be drawn up.

Schneider adds: “The combination of the two large offices, the real estate office and the building construction department, as well as the integration of real estate-relevant areas of other offices and businesses, such as the City Education Authority, naturally also have different working cultures. We have considered this in the project and therefore planned to begin a joint cultural development process for the new organisation, with the founding of ABI, in which each employee will be involved.” He continues: “I am convinced that we will be able to start on 1st November. We have created very strong foundations for this project with the committed cooperation of many participating offices and staff representations, so that the Office for Construction and Real Estate will be the competent contact for building and real estate for the City of Frankfurt in the future, and so Frankfurt can be built faster and more efficiently. ”

“The schedule is ambitious, but creative.” both departments agree.

“We are approachable for suggestions and questions from the employees and will, in close consultation with the local staff councils and the entire staff council, make the transition as clear and easy as possible for all participants,” said Councillor Weber.

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