New Office Campus Flow in Gateway Gardens

Since 2019, a new office campus with a total area of approximately 37,000 square meters is being built with the Flow in Gateway Gardens at Frankfurt Airport. SKYLINE ATLAS visited the construction site and met the CEO Ralf-Jörg Kadenbach of the operating real estate group EUROPA-CENTER AG.

Work on the three-dimensional façade was already completed at the end of 2021, and interior work is currently taking place on the building with its 14 upper floors. The name Flow alludes on the one hand to the aesthetics of the sweeping flowing facade form from the pen of KSP Engel and on the other hand illustrates the mobility and balance between work and life at the new campus. Particular attention was also paid to the issue of sustainability during the design process. Among other things, there will be green roofs, photovoltaic systems, and central locker rooms and shower facilities to promote bicycle mobility. For this, the Flow has already been awarded the pre-certificate Gold by the German Sustainable Building Council (DNGB).


Ralf-Jörg Kadenbach


The curved facade on the Flow

Another special feature of the new office complex is that EUROPA-CENTER Real Estate Group will not sell the campus after completion, but will take it over into its own portfolio. The property will offer a total of 31,500 square meters of office space and 800 square meters of retail and restaurant space. The campus is divided into two buildings with a total of 4 entrances to the landscaped courtyard. The northeastern part of the building complex will reach a height of 52 meters with 13 upper floors and thus stand out clearly from the three other building areas, which will be around 30 meters high.

The office campus in Gateway Gardens is one of more than 20 buildings by EUROPA-CENTER AG in Germany. Until now, the real estate group’s projects have been located mainly in northern Germany; Flow will now become the first project in the Rhine-Main-Region, in addition to a planned further location in Eschborn. Completion is still planned for fall 2022.


The ground floor floor plans


The floor plans on the 5th floor

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