Senckenberg-Turm in Frankfurt - Senckenberg Tower

New Name: 99 West Is Now Called Senckenberg Turm

The office tower “99 West” that is being built in Frankfurt-Bockenheim on Robert-Meyer-Strasse has a new name and is now called “Senckenberg Turm” (lit. “Senckenberg Tower“). The property owner, the Frankfurt-based investor and asset manager N A S Invest (NAS) and the foundation Dr. Senckenberg Stiftung. The entire quarter that is being built on the university campus was previously presented under the name “Senckenberg Quartier” (lit. “Senckenberg Quarter“).

Dr. Kosta Schopow, chairman of the administration of Dr. Senckenbergische Stiftung says: “The Dr. Senckenbergische Stiftung has existed for over 250 years and is inextricably linked with Frankfurt. Senckenberg’s historical work as a doctor and donor is publicly remembered today in many places in the city. We are pleased that his name is now also part of the well-known skyline of his hometown. ”

Steffen Ricken, CEO of N A S Invest, adds: “We are very proud that our building will bear the name Senckenberg and that it will fit into the overall philosophy of the quarter. The property rounds off the ongoing development of the area with the integrated components of living, working, culture and leisure and is symbolic of the entire city of Frankfurt. ”

N A S acquired the property last year as a project development and part of the new quarter last year. In addition to the Senckenberg tower, the residential tower 140 West, the office building 21 West and Frankfurt’s largest kindergarten are being built. After completion, up to 2,500 people will live and work in the modern city quarter.

Oliver Zimper, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at N A S Invest, explains: “The purchase marks the largest single transaction in the history of NAS, which of course also creates a special connection for us with this building. With the modern and high-quality office space concepts, the striking facade from the workshop of the renowned architecture firm cyrus moser and the planned BREEAM certification, we offer 27,000 square meters of rental space in one of the most prominent new quarters in Frankfurt. From a mobility, work and life perspective, the location is even unique in Frankfurt. ”

Around 60% of the Senckenberg-Turm has already been pre-leased to BNP Paribas Germany and should be completed by the end of 2021.

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