New Frankfurt Towers now starting

Offenbach is now Frankfurt. Frankfurt is now Offenbach! On the border to Oberrad, just off Offenbacher Gemarkung, are due to be built about 570 apartments with a connected market place. A building permit has now been awarded for ‘New Frankfurt Towers’.

With an investment of 300 million euros, the project developer CG Group from Berlin wants to establish the project entitled “New Frankfurt Towers”, the area where they have been working in Frankfurt for two years. The group has now received the building permit for the first construction phase on the site between Berliner Strasse and Strahlenbergerstrasse in Offenbach. Work is expected to begin in March 2017. The project is to be completed by the end of December 2019.

Part of the ‘New Frankfurt Towers’ project is the revitalisation and complete interior decoration of two hitherto vacant administrative buildings, which are being transformed into apartment houses. Furthermore, a new high-rise building wof about 20 floors is being built. Photo: CG Group AG

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