Griesheim Industrial Park becomes “Frankfurt Westside”

Berlin-based Beos AG is developing a modern commercial site on the site of Griesheim Industrial Park. A total of around one billion euros is to be invested in the transformation. The site covers an area of 102 soccer pitches, equivalent to around 73 hectares, and would be Frankfurt‘s largest mixed commercial and industrial quarter when completed. Beos leased the site from the chemical company Clariant in 2019 for the next 99 years and has thus had an almost completely disused industrial area for a good three years, which is the largest and the fastest to be activated commercial area in the next few years. Since demand from the business community is estimated at around 90-140 hectares for Frankfurt, a large part of this demand could be met by repositioning the area.

This is what the Griesheimer bank could look like


The future entrance of the WESTSIDE

Goals and Measures for the Redevelopment of the Area

After the conversion of the industrial park, bicycle paths and bus lines are to run through the new area. A traffic and mobility concept is planned for this. In addition, the bank of the Main is to be open to the public and thus significantly increase the quality of stay on the bank of the Main in Griesheim. The main goal, however, is that new buildings and reconstructed buildings of the former chemical plants will once again provide many thousands of jobs, above all across different sectors. According to Beos AG, service companies or technology-oriented start-ups can also settle there in addition to manufacturing industries. Accordingly, a diverse range of workspaces is to be developed.

In the course of the conversion, gastronomy is also planned. It is also intended to implement various recreational facilities. The many buildings that have a historical significance for the industrial site are not to fall victim to the conversion, however, but are to be reimagined. For example, old factory buildings are to be renovated or redesigned. It is then conceivable, among other things, that a fitness studio with a climbing hall will be built in a tall building. In between, squares such as the “Platz am Rohrleitungssystem” are planned.


The planned place at the Pipeline Tower

For the implementation of the project, Beos AG has consulted the expertise of the architectural firms Albert Speer + Partner and KSP. The proposals prefer a so-called large-small-medium division: The area is to be structured from west to east in such a way that the largest buildings are erected in the direction of Höchst and the development becomes increasingly smaller in the direction of Griesheim. The first steps towards this are the deconstruction measures that have already begun, the planning and implementation of the new medial and traffic development, and the urban development framework plan that is to be adopted by the end of 2022.

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