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Excavation of the Central Business Tower – Exclusive Insights!

In the middle of Frankfurt’s banking district, not far from the Commerzbank Tower and the FOUR project, Helaba is building the Central Business Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Germany. The SKYLINE ATLAS visited the construction site of the general contractor of Ed. Züblin AG and got exclusive insights into the processes on site.

Baustellenbegehung - Central - Business - Tower - Bewährungspfähle

View of the reinforcement cages of the shoring piles

Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Denkmalschutz - Altbau

Silos as ballast for securing the listed facade

The office building, which will be 205 meters high when completed, will include a branch of the World Culture Museum that will be open to the public, as well as gastronomy. You can’t see anything of the tower yet. But if you dare to take a closer look, you can definitely see that there is already a lot going on at the construction site, because the construction of a water-impermeable, turnkey excavation pit for the high-rise building is being realized on the site area of around 4,800 square meters. In addition, the inner part of the listed base building, the rotunda, is being stored and later rebuilt in exactly the same place.

Ed. Züblin AG has overall responsibility for the construction of the excavation pit. During this period, up to 500 people are working on the construction site in an administrative, planning and executive capacity, with the following tasks, among others:

  • Site planning
  • Explosive ordnance detection
  • Above-ground and underground demolition of the three existing buildings with securing of the listed facade
  • Deconstruction and securing for the later reconstruction of the listed rotunda
  • Earth excavation under the covers
  • Construction of an overcut bored pile wall with a diameter of 1.5 meters, etc.

With a total depth of 26 meters and the insertion of primary piles up to 30 meters long and secondary piles 50 meters long, the excavation pit is currently the deepest in Frankfurt am Main.

Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Besichtigung - Strabag
Central - Business - Tower - Begehung - Baustelle - Bankenviertel

How Is Such an Excavation Pit Created in the First Place?

Central - Business - Tower - Bankenviertel - Baustellenbegehung - Abriss
Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Goektas - Züblin - Bankenviertel

To prevent groundwater from entering the pile row, one pile at a time intersects the neighboring piles. Subsequently, the foundation piles are drilled and installed in the primary supports, which will later carry the Central Business Tower and will even be visible in the future underground parking garage. The excavation pit is then dug using the so-called cover construction method. In concrete terms, this means that the ceiling is built over the second basement level, as this stabilizes the excavation pit. Excavators dig down through openings in the ceiling until the next ceiling can be produced. The excavation pit is thus excavated in sections, while the slabs produced serve to stabilize it. The basement floors are thus built from top to bottom. A dewatering system is installed to prevent groundwater from entering the excavation pit from below.

Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Büro - Züblin

Insights into the construction office

Central - Business - Tower - Baustelle - Gesamtansicht - Rotunde - Bankenviertel

General view of the construction site

The cavation work is expected to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2024. This will be followed by building construction. The Central Business Tower will then be seen growing rapidly in height. Again, the SKYLINE ATLAS will report in a timely manner.

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