When will Frankfurt have a million inhabitants?

Frankfurt is today a relatively small city by international standards, although it is situated in a dense metropolitan area. The development of the city was determined by various political and economic factors over the centuries. In 1845 Frankfurt had just 58,500 inhabitants, while places like London were already big cities with more than a million



Frankfurt and Brexit

Following the Conservatives' clear victory in the UK election in December 2019, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reaffirmed his plan to lead Britain out of the EU by the end of January 2020. With the clear victory, a second referendum on leaving the EU is now clearly off the table. Boris Johnson now wants



Someone from Frankfurt is visiting London, skyscrapers and Brexit

SKYLINE ATLAS is looking for traces in terms of Brexit and urban development. An on-site visit to London by an employee of J.P. Morgan: It is a Saturday morning. I am flying British Airways from Frankfurt to London at 7.15. After more than an hour flight I arrived: I do not land in Heathrow this