Marina West Harbor

The Marina West Harbor is a privately operated port facility in Frankfurt and a popular excursion destination. The marina was built in the early 2000s as part of the West Harbor development project, in which the former industrial port area was rededicated. Since then, there has been a mixed area of residential and office buildings

Skyline Boating

Skyline Boating is a boat rental company in Frankfurt, which is located in the West Harbor. SkylineBoating Frankfurt Bachforellenweg 51 60327 Frankfurt Germany Phone: +49 69 46994651

West Harbor

The West Harbor (in German: Westhafen) of Frankfurt is a mixed-use development area and is located on the banks of the Main river south of the Central Station. The West Harbor belongs to the Gallus district and was mostly built by 2010. The last real estate project in the West Harbor was completed in 2020