Marina West Harbor Frankfurt - Frankfurt West Harbor - Westhafen Marina - Marina Westhafen in Frankfurt, Germany

Marina West Harbor

The Marina West Harbor is a privately operated port facility in Frankfurt and a popular excursion destination. The marina was built in the early 2000s as part of the West Harbor development project, in which the former industrial port area was rededicated. Since then, there has been a mixed area of residential and office buildings around the West Harbor Marina.

The Marina West Harbor is divided into two parts: while on the southern side on the headland in the Main only boats of private house owners are allowed to moor, it looks different with the northern moorings. Private boats are also moored here, but the boat dock can also be used by guests to moor their own boat.

At the Marina West Harbor there are a number of restaurants that are popular with locals and guests alike.

Frankfurt Boat Rental

Various providers offer boats to be rented in Frankfurt’s West Harbor. Skyline Boating is offering boat rentals without the need of having a boat license. This way you can drive up the river Main towards the Financial District or downstream towards the Lyon Quarter.