Opening of the new Rennbahnpark with Skyline View

Adjacent to the new DFB campus, after five years of planning and one year of construction, the Rennbahnpark on the former site of the Frankfurt racecourse in Niederrad was opened for all Frankfurt citizens and visitors to the Main metropolis. Under the motto “City-Nature-Experience”, the opening ceremony took place on September 24 in the presence of Rosemarie Heilig, Head of the Climate and Environment Department, and Mike Josef, Head of the Planning Department.


Overview of the park area


The opening of the park was very well attended

The new park is seen as another step towards providing more places for recreation and retreat. “Cities like Frankfurt must (…) be role models in coping with the consequences of the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity,” explained Climate and Environment Director Heilig. The new park will also close the gap between the GrünGürtel and the banks of the Main River, while preserving much wilderness, e.g. with rare sand grass cloves or cave trees. Barn swallows and bats will also continue to live in the old horse stable.

The ideas and wishes of nearly 1,000 Frankfurt residents were incorporated into the planning, giving the Rennbahnpark a unique selling point. According to Josef, the new recreation area is a successful mix of biodiversity protection and preservation, and leisure, sports and fitness facilities.


The observation tower with horse motif is a tribute to the racetrack


A sports ground is also part of the park


The newly created pond offers numerous opportunities to linger

The park’s facilities include a large playground for children and a sports facility with calisthenics equipment. A children’s farm is to be added in the near future. In addition, there is a newly created pond, many sunbathing areas and several viewpoints. One of these vantage points is the Skyline View, which will offer visitors a view of the Frankfurt skyline.


The Skyline View

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