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New City District for Frankfurt Planned in the Northwest

Frankfurt is finally deciding to expand in order to allow for further growth of inhabitants, with a new city district now revealed. Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) presented the proposal of the Roman coalition of CDU, SPD and Greens for the location of the new district. In the west of the Frankfurt city area, the new district could be built on a 550 hectare area on both sides of the A5 motorway. The area would be adjacent to the suburbs of Niederursel and Praunheim and end at the city boundaries of Eschborn and Steinbach.

Of this some 190 hectares of building land, according to the city of Frankfurt, between 8.550 and 11.400 new apartments can be created. Further studies on the construction site provision are to follow, announced planning director, Mike Josef. This is also to keep land prices at the current level to prevent speculation.

In the meantime, numerous reservations have been voiced, as is often the case with such projects in Germany. In particular, the FDP in Steinbach reacted negatively to the plans. The politicians in Steinbach see no chance there, but want to preserve old areas. It does not recognise that cities are developing further: villages will become settlements, villages will become municipalities, municipalities will become cities and cities will become metropolises. In this sense, a dense, lively district with a potential to stay long-term would have to be created in Frankfurt West. Please do not just row houses and a sleeping town – there are already enough in the surrounding area!

A further development of places was met and applies to all municipalities. Steinbach cannot escape this development in terms of Frankfurt’s new district. Especially in metropolitan areas, urban and community boundaries become increasingly irrelevant because people experience the region as a whole: you live in Steinbach, go to the cinema in Eschborn, visit festivals in Frankfurt or wander through the Odenwald. Steinbach is just like Frankfurt Rhine-Main, as Eschborn belongs to Dreieich. Without Frankfurt, Steinbach would be nothing. Without Offenbach, Frankfurt would be worse. This is what people really feel!

Administrative boundaries are a relic of the last century and have less and less to do with our networked reality and Nbsp; we should all be happy when progress and development enriches our lives. However, the development of the Frankfurt region should not only take place on a selective basis in the Frankfurt West, but also in other locations. If one travels with the S1 from Offenbach to Frankfurt, for example, one actually goes past vegetable fields (!!!!), not far away even from the ECB. One wonders, why is it not possible to create housing, workplaces or at least park and play facilities, which can then also be used by the growing population. We can grow vegetables elsewhere!

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