Mike Josef will den Hochhausbau - wie hier die EZB - beschränken

Mike Josef wants to restrict high-rise buildings

The Frankfurt planning representative, Mike Josef (SPD) intends to allow new high-rise developments in Frankfurt only in clearly defined areas. As is apparent from various press publications in the last few days, “speculation” is to be counteracted. The new high-rise plan, which is to be presented next year, is intended to cement appropriate development requirements. The planning company would like to end the current practice of the City of Frankfurt (also in exceptional cases) to approve planned high-rise locations . Experts from the real estate consider this decision to be incorrect because it conflicts with established planning practices. Modern high-rise apartments are only to be financed by high-earning workers, and these sites would not be in competition with favourable residential areas.

Since the beginning of his term, Mike Josef has been able to look back on insignificant developments relevant to urban policy. Instead of opting for the expulsion of expansions, the aim is to make flickering decisions, only to be recompressed, thus wasting valuable time in expanding the city. The decision for the restriction of high-rise buildings distracts from the actual challenges of urban planning tasks. Mike Josef would do better to position for expansion so that housing can become affordable. The city of Frankfurt is lucky that the former planning officer, Dr. Martin Wentz, with foresight, launched numerous large-scale urban projects that still benefit the city. Mr. Wentz has left great urban planning footprints, of which none of his successors in office has so far only been able to follow.

A restriction of high-rise buildings will not lead to the relief of the middle value in housing, but most likely again only a piece of the puzzle, which promotes a scarcity of surfaces. Voters will not reward this policy in times of increasingly expensive housing, few kindergartens, missing schools, poor public transport facilities and expensive parking spaces. The City of Frankfurt must finally act strategically!

Photo: The ECB‘s high-rise building was built at a location that was not included in a high-rise development plan and had a lasting impact on the overall development of the east of Frankfurt.

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