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Frankfurt in Comparison

Frankfurt is unique compared to other major cities in Germany in terms of high-rise development. Frankfurt is strictly speaking not Germany’s No. 1 high-rise city center, at least as far as number of high-rise buildings is concerned. For example, there are far more high-rise buildings in Berlin than in Frankfurt, according to Phorio, the world’s largest high-rise database.

Number of high-rise buildings in the five largest German cities:

Berlin: 756 high-rise buildings
Hamburg: 295 high-rise buildings
Munich: 218 high-rise buildings
Cologne: 143 high-rise buildings
Frankfurt: 455 high-rise buildings

As of: January 2020. Data source: Phorio, only includes high-rise buildings from 10 floors upwards

Is Berlin Germany’s high-rise center? By numbers, yes, but the perception is a completely different one. In Berlin, the high-rise buildings are spread over the entire urban area, as a rule they “run” apart from each other. In Berlin, large residential buildings and prefabricated buildings with a height of 10-20 storeys dominate the landscape. It looks different in Frankfurt: there are many skyscrapers there higher than 20 storeys, many of which are located in a narrow area. Because of this cluster formation, Frankfurt is generally perceived as a high-rise city.

Because of the skyline, the large modes of transport and its economic strength, Frankfurt is perceived internationally as larger than it has within the city limits. But there are numerous cities around Frankfurt that make the Frankfurt urban area home to millions of people.

On Phorio, you can also look at all the high-rise buildings in Germany, analyse them and enter missing buildings.

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