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Hochhäuser Skyline Berlin

Frankfurt in Comparison

Frankfurt am Main is unique compared to other major cities in Germany, in terms of high-rise development. Frankfurt is strictly speaking not Germany’s No. 1 high-rise city centre, at least as far as number of high-rise buildings is concerned. For example, there are far more high-rise buildings in Berlin than in Frankfurt am Main, according to Phorio, the world’s largest high-rise database.

Number of high-rise buildings in the five largest German cities:

Berlin: 649 high-rise buildings
Hamburg: 255 high-rise buildings
München: 177 high-rise buildings
Köln: 124 high-rise buildings
Frankfurt am Main: 367 high-rise buildings

As of: July 2017. Data source: Phorio, only includes high-rise buildings from 10 floors upwards

Is Berlin Germany’s high-rise centre? By numbers, yes, but the country’s perception is a completely different one. In Berlin, the high-rise buildings are spread over the entire urban area, as a rule they “run” apart from each other. In Berlin, large residential buildings and prefabricated buildings with a height of 10-20 storeys dominate the landscape. It looks different in the Mainmetropole: there are many skyscrapers there higher than 20 storeys, many of which are located in a narrow area. Because of this cluster formation, Frankfurt is generally perceived as a high-rise city. It is exactly this skyline that causes Frankfurt to be perceived as bigger than it really is.

On Phorio, you can also look at all the high-rise buildings in Germany, analyse them and enter missing buildings.

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