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Top 7 German Real Estate Cities - Frankfurt is the investment hotspot - Big 7 real property investment locations in Germany

What Are the Top 7 Cities?

The top 7 cities for the real estate industry define the locations in Germany that are most attractive for investors. The seven most important cities are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Berlin
  • Cologne
  • Dusseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart

These 7 real estate locations, which all belong to the so-called A locations, account for around 70% of the transaction volume for real estate in Germany. The underlying key figures are regularly recorded by various brokerage houses and published in market reports.

In addition to the top 7 cities mentioned, there are other so-called B cities and regional regional centers in Germany that are given special attention for real estate investments or renting space.

In their analyzes and market reports, analysts evaluate the following data for letting, among other things, and provide forecasts: space inventory, space take-up, space take-up on a 10-year average, space take-up by size, vacancy rate, vacancy rate, prime rent, average rent and sectors with the highest turnover.

In the area of ​​investment in commercial real estate, there are further key figures in market reports such as transaction volume, transaction volume on a 10-year average, proportion of foreign investors, largest group of buyers, largest group of sellers, most important property type, prime yields for the various property types (such as office, retail or logistics). Both Frankfurt and Munich have generated great interest among international investors in recent years.

The reasons for the great demand for real estate also come from investments from abroad. Frankfurt is only a few kilometers west of the geographic center of the European Union in the middle of the Rhine-Main Area. In addition to the excellent location and connections, the incomprehensible economic boom in the last few decades is one of the reasons for the city’s growth.

Real Estate Interview with Dean Vukovic

The real estate agent Dean Vukovic from V&V Immobilien is advising on investments in apartments and offices. In an interview with SKYLINE ATLAS, Mr. Vukovic talks about the challenges that real property investors face and the future development of the real estate market. He predicts that real estate prices will continue to rise in the economically strong regions of Germany.

Real property consulting Frankfurt - Investments in Offenbach - Dean Vukovic

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