Technisches Zentrum Eschborn (TZE) in Eschborn

Floors: 20 above ground
Height: 89.00 m
Status: completed
Usage: office

Technisches Zentrum Eschborn (TZE) Address

Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 16-24
City: Eschborn
Zone: Eschborn South

The Eschborn Technical Center (in German: Technisches Zentrum Eschborn, short: TZE) is the tallest office building in the development area Eschborn South with a height of 89 meters (292 feet). Alternative and earlier names of the building complex are Technisches Zentrum Eschborn, Taunus-Zentrum Eschborn, and DB Corporate Center.

The TZE had been a central IT location of Deutsche Bank AG in Germany in recent years. The data center of Deutsche Bank was housed on the 1st floor until 2008; after the IT department moved to another location, this area was used as office space. In the course of the renovation, the office space was adapted to the requirements for this use and given a new workplace concept.

The Eschborn Technology Center stands on a plot of around 30,000 square meters. With a length of 122 meters and a width of 90 meters, it offers space for around 3,000 employees. The construction volume is 317,000 cubic meters. On the ground floor there is an area called dbLab for innovation management.

The building complex was last renovated in 2011.

On the opposite street side of the Eschborn Technology Center resides the Horizon Tower, which is about the same height.