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Here you will find useful hints and links to offers that relate to high-rise buildings in Frankfurt. For additional information please get in contact.

Ausmalbild Skyline Frankfurt am Main

Pictures for Colouring - High-Rise Buildings Frankfurt

Children love to paint! Here is a colour picture of the Frankfurt skyline, which everyone can download free of charge.

Relevant Links

Alle Hochhäuser von Frankfurt auf Phorio

Database for all High-Rise Buildings

A special link for all those interested in statistics and analysis. On this page, all 380 (!) high-rises of Frankfurt are listed with photos. In addition, there are lots of links to further websites,technical data, and of course, an overview of all companies involved in the construction of each high-rise building.

Of particular interest is the Contruction Calendar, where progress of high-rise buildings under construction is shown. Anyone who wants to get involved can add missing information and photos here.

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