Why are there high-rise buildings in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is the leading high-rise city in Germany and one of just a few high-rise cities in Europe. No other city in Germany can boast such a skyline of skyscrapers, with more than 450 high-rise buildings. 19 of Germany's 20 tallest skyscrapers are located in Frankfurt, and more than 50 new high-rise buildings are currently

Demolished towers in Frankfurt

This page shows a list of the tallest high-rise buildings in the Frankfurt city region which were already demolished.The precursors to high-rise development are not included in this list Mousonturm (33 meters - 8 floors - 1923-1926) IG Farben House (35 meters - 7 floors - 1928-1930) Gewerkschaftshaus (31 meters - 9 floors - 1929-1931)