What is the Frankfurt Green Belt?

The Frankfurt Green Belt (Frankfurter Grüngürtel) is a circular space that runs around the core city of Frankfurt. It covers approximately 8,000 hectares, which corresponds to about a third of Frankfurt's city area. The Green Belt of Frankfurt was initiated in 1991 as one of the first green belts in the world with a constitution,

Why does Frankfurt have so few inhabitants?

Frankfurt is a comparatively small city. The German metropolis has gained around 100,000 new residents in the past 10 years, but only around 750,000 people live within the city limits. This places Frankfurt in 5th place in the largest German cities: Berlin (3.9 million inhabitants) Hamburg (1.8 million inhabitants) Munich (1.5 million inhabitants) Cologne (1.1

Why are there high-rise buildings in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is the leading high-rise city in Germany and one of just a few high-rise cities in Europe. No other city in Germany can boast such a skyline of skyscrapers, with more than 450 high-rise buildings (according to Phorio). 19 of Germany's 20 tallest skyscrapers are located in Frankfurt, and more than 50 new high-rise

Peter Feldmann

The challenges in the City of Frankfurt over the Next Fifteen Years Mayor Peter Feldmann in conversation with the SKYLINE ATLAS Michael Wutzke: Mr. Feldmann, as Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, you are at the cutting edge for meeting the problems and demands of a modern city. The topics are now