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Grand Central Tower Frankfurt - Mecanoo Architecten

With the Grand Central Frankfurt, a mixed-use quarter is being built in the immediate vicinity of the main train station. A modern office building is currently under construction and has already been fully let to Deutsche Bahn AG (the German railway operator). An architectural competition was already held for the design of the district between Hafenstrasse and Adam-Riese-Strasse. Part of the project development is a total of approx. 55,000 square meters of new living space.

As part of the Grand Central project, a new skyscraper tower is to be built in the immediate vicinity. Up to 600 apartments are planned here, which are spread over a 140 meter tall residential tower and an adjoining neighboring building. An approximately 1,300 square meter day-care center and 1,700 square meters of commercial space for local supply and catering complete the neighborhood mix and create a new, attractive, urban location. The share of subsidized housing amounts to a total of approximately 16,500 square meters of living space, divided in half into the funding programs 1. Förderweg and 2. Förderweg.

The office tower on Hafenstrasse, which was previously used by Commerzbank AG, is to complete the construction project. This existing 90-meter tower is to be renovated under the title “Virage” and possibly converted into a hotel or apartment house. The lease agreement with Commerzbank AG expires at the end of 2019.

The Grand Central Frankfurt project is being developed in a joint venture between Gross und Partner and PHOENIX Real Estate Development.

As of December 2018: The architectural competition for the proposed skyscraper at the main station has been decided. The architectural office Mecanoo will design the 140 meters (459 feet) tall skyscraper.

Grand Central Tower - residential high-rise building at the main station - Groß und Partner - Phoenix Real Estate

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