Grand Central and Tower

Grand Central Frankfurt Hochhaus

The Grand Central Frankfurt, a modern Büroneubau which is to be certified according to LEED Gold, is being built in the immediate vicinity of the main station. Deutsche Bahn AG has already fully rented its office and parking spaces. The Grand Central Frankfurt project is being developed as a joint venture between major and partner companies.

As part of the development, a new high-rise tower will be built in the immediate vicinity. The northern ramp of the harbour tunnel has long been a suitable location for a tall building. When the high-rise plan of 2008 was passed, one still thought of an office high-rise. 110 meters were recommended as a possible height. This would be slightly higher than the neighbouring Commerzbank Tower, which is 93 meters high. In the meantime, however, the market has changed: heights of up to 140 meters are in conversation. This means that the residential high-rise could have about 30 floors. How high it will be will only be finalised in an architectural competition. However, the developer wants to start the 2021 project at the earliest time possible.

The office tower used by Commerzbank AG on Hafenstraße is to round off the construction project. This existing 90-meter tower is to be renovated under the title ‘Virage’ and possibly converted into a hotel or residential apartments. The rental agreement with Commerzbank AG expires at the end of 2019.

We do not usually show any advertising videos on individual projects here, but this very successful promotional video of the Grand Central project surpasses all we have seen in this area so far:

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