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Frankfurt Aerial Shot - Looking up Frankfurt skyscrapers in the CBD

Which high-rise buildings can you visit in Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt exist more than 450 high-rise buildings within the city borders. The tallest skyscrapers are close together in the Financial District. In this area there are mainly office towers that are used by financial service providers and law firms. Such a concentration of building masses is nowhere to be found in Germany – in some cases towers are up to 300 meters (985 feet) high.

Most high-rise buildings are unfortunately not yet publicly accessible. There is a tendency for high-rise buildings to contain more public uses, but so far only a few high-rise buildings have been opened up to the public. By 2023, at least five more skyscrapers will be built, in which sky bars and hotels with skyline views will open.

Did you know,…?
Frankfurt’s skyline is relatively new. Most of the well-known skyscrapers were only built in the 1990s. Today the many skyscrapers stand for prosperity and future orientation. But one question drives many visitors: Why did Frankfurt become Germany’s high-rise city at all?

Skyscrapers With Views

From MAIN TOWER’s viewing platform (subject to a fee) you have a panoramic view of Frankfurt. From here you can not only see the adjacent high-rise towers, but you also have a clear view along the Main and a distant view of the entire region.

If you don’t want to spend money, but still want to see a skyscraper, you can walk through the lobby of Commerzbank Tower on weekdays and look up through the transparent atrium (free of charge). Otherwise, Commerzbank Tower is not open to the public.

If you are interested in art, you will also find something around the Gallus system. The lower floors of TaunusTurm contain an annex from the MMK Museum of Modern Art (subject to a fee). The Galileo skyscraper contains the English Theater, the largest English-speaking theater in Europe outside of Great Britain.

In addition to these viewpoints, there are also several restaurants and bars in high-rise buildings as well as hotel towers with skyline views. But you also have a fantastic view of the Frankfurt skyline from numerous places outside of high-rise buildings.

View from MAIN TOWER over Frankfurt - observation point - sightseeing Frankfurt - observation deck with panorama view

Frankfurt Architecture Tours

If you already know the relevant viewpoints, you may be interested in one of the many architecture tours through Frankfurt’s skyscrapers. A number of tour guides officially accredited by the City of Frankfurt offer special high-rise tours.

Also worth seeing are the art tours offered by Frankfurt Stadtevents (in German language), which take place regularly in some high-rise buildings. Here you can learn more about the art exhibited on site and learn something about the respective high-rise architecture.

Other Highlights

If you want to learn more about urban developments of Frankfurt and its skyscrapers, you should also visit the Historical Museum (subject to a fee) and the Planning Department (free of charge). On the way from the Historical Museum to the Planning Department, you will also pass the old town, which was reopened in 2019, and the Cathedral Tower (subject to a fee).

The Goethe Tower observation tower opened again in autumn 2020 (free of charge) after reconstruction.

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