Diese mobile Autobrücke stand früher am Platz der Republik in Frankfurt am Main, gebaut durch M.A.N.

60 years bridge on the Square of the Republic

The Skyline Atlas has been researching topics on the development plans of the city of Frankfurt, looking at extensive archive material. During this time, we came across a building magazine from the 1960s (corresponding page, see above). Background:

This year the so-called Hochstraße, a bridge in the Republic Square (“Platz der Republik”), celebrated its  60th year. The building was built in 1957 to relieve the area of traffic. The bridge was built by M.A.N. in just 24 hours due to its steel construction. The original advertisement text from M.A.N.:

This actionable flyover was mounted in just under 24 hours out of steel, which now relieves the roundabout at the Republic Square in Frankfurt. A road of this type can be mounted very quickly and with little disruption and dismantled just as later and rebuilt elsewhere with other spans. The roadway boards made of steel are coated with a plastic and non-slip. </ Em>

Today the traffic bridge no longer stands. When exactly this bridge building was demolished, unfortunately, we do not know.

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  1. Thorsten say: 4 years ago Reply

    The bridge, at the time known as “flyover”, was still existing in the 1970s.

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