Skyline Atlas in Famous German Bild Zeitung

On 18 July 2017, the Bildzeitung published a short report on the Skyline Atlas. The Skyline Atlas is a non-commercial information medium about high-rise building structures in Frankfurt am Main. Part of the publication of Bild was a short poem, written by Michael Wutzke:

You are so beautiful, You get my heart racing.
You’re shocking sometimes, but you fascinate me.
You draw me and others in under your spell. No, a woman, you are not.
And yet you have everything you need to shine bright.
Frankfurt, we love you.

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Hochhäuser Frankfurt Bild Zeitung Skyline


Development plans available

All relevant development plans regarding high-rise projects in Frankfurt are now available as an abstract in the Skyline Atlas. In the field of development plans, you will find all historical developments since the post-war period up to the high-rise development plans of the modern era. Further details, historical references and other original documents will be added in the coming months.



New high-rises in Frankfurt

You’re looking for ‘new high-rises in Frankfurt?’ Then you’ve come to the right place! In the Skyline Atlas, all new high-rise projects are presented in Frankfurt, not just with individual texts and pictures. Rather, the editorial team provides specialist information for architects, engineers, real estate companies, the general public and ‘high-rise fans’.

For a long time the construction of tall buildings in Frankfurt was controversial. During the Frankfurt Housing Fights (“Frankfurter Häuserkampf”) in the early 1970s, even shameful names emerged as the epitome of a city map, which promoted investor interests to the detriment of the old-established population. Since the 1980s, ever higher and more beautiful high-rise buildings were built and new towers emerged here. The Frankfurt skyline became a symbol of the city, and of prosperity and future orientation. The population increasingly identified itself with the skyline, which became a huge part of the image for the banking city. Since 1996, the ‘Skyscraper Festival’ has also been celebrated at irregular intervals, once initiated by the former Lord Mayor Petra Roth.

So what does Frankfurt look like today?

In 2017, Frankfurt will have a new beginning. More and more high-rise projects are under construction or are being planned. As of October 2017, 16 high-rise buildings are already under construction, with a further 26 high-rise projects announced. The high-rise buildings are also getting taller and taller here. Frankfurt has now crossed the ‘critical mass’ of necessary high-rise buildings, so a cluster formation at several locations is now perceptible.



Hello, Frankfurt!

The time is right for the Skyline Atlas!

Today, with the Skyline Atlas, a project I’ve wanted to realise for many years is being launched online: an editorial information site about high-rise buildings in Frankfurt am Main – the city in which I live and work. There are many good reasons for the Skyline Atlas. On the one hand, I would like to make available previously missing and detailed information about high-rise buildings and urban development to a broad readership. I would also like to show the world what happens in Frankfurt and what new developments there are. The skyline Atlas is ultimately, in the coming years, to become an online compendium.

As the main author of the Skyline Atlas, I have dealt extensively with topics on urban development in Frankfurt for some 20 years. I have published several publications, newspaper interviews, and been involved in a number of enquiries from companies concerning real estate and construction information. In addition, I look at the progress of numerous construction projects every week. I am well connected and would like to make this knowledge available to everyone free of charge with the Skyline Atlas.

If you are interested in an editorial collaboration with the Skyline Atlas and would like to research or write content, you can contact us . You can of course also submit suggestions and corrections to individual pages.

And now I wish you a lot of fun reading and a warm welcome!

Yours, Michael Wutzke



Photo archive digitised

From old to new

Before the digital revolution spread in the form of high-resolution photos, the author of the SKYLINE ATLAS had taken a lot of pictures. Thousands of photographs were created, which have now been digitised in full resolution, many years after they were first taken. The archives thus contain unique images of Frankfurt from the past. The construction of numerous high-rise buildings, for example, was documented monthly.

The digitalised photo archive of the SKYLINE ATLAS (with photos taken between 1996 and 2003) has now been uploaded and is available exclusively at Phorio. All other photographs taken from the SKYLINE ATLAS – already available digitally – were also published by Phorio. This means that more than 100,000 photo captures can be accessed there alone by the SKYLINE ATLAS.