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Ruby Tower Frankfurt - affordable apartments in a tall buildings - apartment to rent

The housing company GWH is building a 20-storey residential tower on Lyoner Strasse 40 in the Lyon district (formerly the office town of Niederrad). GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft Hessen, a subsidiary of Landesbank Hessen-Thuringen, bought the current office buildings, Lyoner Strasse 38 and 40.

Deutsche Hospitality (formerly Steigenberger Hotel Group) used to have its headquarters in the 20-storey office tower with 12,785 square meters of gross floor space. Meanwhile, however, the company has moved into an office building opposite. In December 2017, the restructuring of 150 privately financed apartments has begun and is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2019. In the new residential tower then predominantly two-room apartments are provided, which should remain for rent in the GWH inventory.

The new residential tower is called Ruby Tower and includes in particular 2 bedroom apartments for rent. The property offers open floor plans, generous windows and optional views of the Frankfurt skyline, the city forest or the Taunus hills.

On the 1.1 hectare neighboring property (Lyoner Strasse 38 and 38a), the office buildings located there are demolished. For the fall of 2019, the start of construction is planned for further new housing. The completed purchase of the property also includes the parking garage behind the current office tower, which will also be demolished to make room for new apartments. Overall, GWH intends to realize around 160 sales apartments with parking spaces on the site.

The seller of the original real estate to GWH is the Garbe Group from Hamburg, which according to reports had acquired the properties in 2015.

Ruby Tower Frankfurt - GWH Hessen - new residential tower Frankfurt 2020
Ruby Tower in Frankfurt-Niederrad - GWH Apartment Tower - Lodging - Highrise in August 2019

Status March 2019: The dismantling work has been completed, in the interiors began with the drywall work. At the same time, the façade works are currently underway.

Lyoner Straße 40 - Stephan Forsten Architekten - New residential tower in the office district Niederrad of GWH

Status January 2018: The deconstruction work (gutting and facade removal) began in December 2017. The start of actual construction is planned for March 2018. The completion of the high-rise residential building, with 150 rental apartments, is expected for fall 2019. The high-rise residential building will be converted by GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft, while GWH Bauprojekte, as a subsidiary, will take over project management. The condominiums are still in the planning phase; these are built and marketed by the GWH construction projects. The architecture was designed by Stefan Forster Architekten.

Status: August 2017: No building activity has been identified. Further details (such as blueprints) were requested from GWH Hessen.

Hochhaus GWH Hessen, Lyoner Strasse 40, Bürostadt Niederrad, Lyoner Viertel, Frankfurt

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