OpernTurm Frankfurt

The Opernturm is a 170 meters (558 feet) tall skyscraper near the Opernplatz in the district of Westend and borders the 2010 redesigned Rothschild Park. The tower is accessed through a 17-meter-high lobby containing the 14-meter-high painting “Ahab” by Julian Schnabel. In addition to being used as an office building, the OpernTurm also has a day care center and a restaurant. For the Opernplatz, a podium building with seven floors completes the ensemble. By a uniform yellow-beige limestone cladding of the house facades it blends harmoniously into the existing buildings around the Opernplatz. This natural stone façade saves the OpernTurm 20% of the energy needed to cool an office floor compared to a glass façade. Principal tenants of the OpernTurm are the major Swiss bank UBS, other tenants are Allen & Overy LLP, Ashurst LLP, Black Rock Investment Management (UK) Limited, 3i Germany, Excellent Business Centers GmbH, K + L Gates LLP, Manufactum GmbH & Co. KG and Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP.

In addition to the MesseTurm, the TaunusTurm, The Squaire and the St. Martin Tower, the OpernTurm is one of five buildings in Frankfurt with its own postal code.

The OpernTurm was designed by the architect Christoph Mäckler and is the bearer of the Martin Elsaesser badge of the Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA and was nominated in 2010 for the International High-Rise Award.

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