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Japanese architecture in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe - The Japan Center is an office tower in the Frankfurt CBD - modern skyscraper

Japan Center is a skyscraper in Frankfurt’s Financial District. The office building has 27 floors and a height of 115 meters (377 feet). It was designed by the architects Joachim Ganz and Walter Rolfes and was completed in 1996.

The Japan Center has a terracotta-colored natural stone cladding and is designed according to strictly geometric shapes in classic Japanese design. The basic size derived from the Japanese tatami mat (0.9 meters x 1.8 meters) was doubled in the windows to a square. The far-reaching roof of the original 200 million euro office tower is reminiscent of the shape of a Japanese stone lantern.

The façade structure of the Japan Center looks as if six-storey office blocks are stacked 90 degrees apart. All six storeys change large and small perforated windows, which simultaneously reflect the interior use. Behind the large windows are open-plan offices with a depth of 10.5 meters (34 feet), behind the small windows individual room offices. The square layout of the Japan Center measures 36.9 meters (121 feet) × 36.9 meters (121 feet). The high-rise core is also square, houses nine elevators and two emergency staircases.

Below the street level, Japan Center has four basement levels, above all an underground car park. Japan Center itself consists of a transparent base zone. The first floor was designed as a meeting space for events and offers a total of four conference rooms that can accommodate up to 360 people. On the second floor is the lower building management center, followed by 21 office floors with a lettable area of ​​26,900 square meters (289,549 square feet). A second building control center is located on the 24th floor. On the 25th floor is a restaurant that serves as a canteen. In the skyscraper head of the Japan Center there are two further office floors and other technical installations for the upper floors installed.

Originally, Japan Center was primarily intended for Japanese companies. Due to demand, the office tower has since been leased to various companies. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) is the main tenant and uses all of the total rented space. The ECB’s lease expires in 2025. As there is insufficient space at the headquarters of the European Central Bank for employees of the Single Supervisory Authority, these employees work in the former headquarters of the ECB in the Eurotower on Willy-Brandt-Platz. The ECB’s lease at Japan Center was originally intended to last only for the duration of the upcoming refurbishment of the Eurotower, but was extended in 2015 to 2025. The lessor is GEG German Real Estate Group AG.

Just next of Japan Center are the TaunusTurm, the OmniTurm, and the Global Tower located at the same street crossing.

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