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IBC Tower - Investment Banking Center in Frankfurt at Theodor-Heuss-Allee - skyline photo Frankfurt - Architecture

The IBC Tower is a 112-meter (367 feet) high-rise office building on Theodor-Heuss-Allee in the Bockenheim district near the Frankfurt trade fair grounds (Messe Frankfurt). The IBC Tower is part of the IBC building complex, which consists of the components IBC Corner (building part A), IBC Forum (building part B) and the IBC Tower (building part C). Deutsche Bank was the initiator of the IBC complex. The IBC complex was designed by the Köhler Architekten BDA. Completion was in 2003.

The central IBC Forum building is of particular importance. In addition to the more than 3,000 square meters of retail space, a large number of special uses (including a canteen, conference and wellness area) are grouped around a glazed, 7-storey hall. The large-scale and open construction enables visual communication for a large number of employees.

Investment Banking Center Deutsche Bank Frankfurt

Originally, Deutsche Bank wanted the IBC to serve its Frankfurt dealers as a replacement for the Investment Banking Center Frankfurt (IBCF). But this step was not implemented. Finally, Deutsche Bank sold the entire building to the American financial investor Blackstone Group and only rented part B, which housed Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG and parts of the human resources area of ​​the Deutsche Bank Group. Part A of the building was largely leased to Degussa Bank GmbH, ING Real Estate Development and INDUSTRIA Bau- und Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH in 2004.

In 2006, Deutsche Bank rented the entire high-rise building, as an alternative accommodation was needed for the employees because of the extensive renovation of the headquarters at Taunusanlage. This meant that the IBC building complex was fully let until the renovation work was completed in 2010.

The project name IBC originally stood for Investment Banking Center. Since it never took on this function, it was also sometimes called the Individual Business Center or Individual Business Concepts. The operator has been using the name International Business Campus since 2016.

The 7.65 meter by 5 meter (25 x 16 feet) sculpture Cash Flow by the German artist Olaf Metzel has been hanging in the entrance area of ​​the IBC since 2005.

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