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Horizon Tower Eschborn

Horizon Tower is an office tower built between 2000 and 2003 in the Eschborn South office district. The 88 meters (289 feet) high building was built for a Deutsche Bank real estate fund and was designed by the Frankfurt architectural office Jo. Franzke. The building used to be known as the Arcor House and later the Vodafone Tower.

The Horizon Tower has an H-shaped floor plan and is an urban highlight in the heterogeneous office city. The building complex consists of a slightly curved skyscraper and two wings attached to it. The building complex closes the previously incomplete development on Alfred Herrhausen-Strasse and goes with the existing buildings. The side wings take up the height of the neighboring buildings.

Horizon Tower Eschborn

The building ensemble has a natural stone facade with slightly changing accents. The side wings had a strict perforated façade in a darker tone, while the tower is dominated by a lighter color tone. The high-rise tower is also emphasized by vertical stone bands. By leaving out ornaments, solidity and value should be conveyed.

Originally, the building complex was used by Arcor as the main administration, then for a few more years by Vodafone (after they took over Arcor). Since Vodafone moved out, the building has been marketed as a multi-tenant property. The main tenant has been the electronics group LG for some years. Other tenants include Akbank AG, DXC Technology, and Deutsche Bahn.

The owner of the Horizon Tower is a J.P. Morgan managed fund. The asset management is carried out by Oceans & Company.

On the opposite street side of the Horizon Tower resides the Eschborn Technology Center, which is about the same height.

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