High-Rise at Messe Entrance South

In 2014, an architectural competition for a high-rise building at the Messe Entrance South (“Hochhaus am Messeingang Süd”) was launched at the southern measuring exhibition. The winning design was from Cyrus Moser Architekten (cma): “The winning design is a striking sign and provides an innovative answer to the question of how new buildings with different uses can function,” said the jury. “All the works show which convincing responses architecture can address from today’s challenging questions,” said Mayor Olaf Cunitz, structural deputy and expert judge of the jury. “The project’s high standards in terms of functionality, sustainability and architecture make this project an enrichment of Frankfurt building culture.”

Messe Frankfurt had launched the planning contest in autumn 2013. The task was to develop ideas for a new “South”, as well as an office and hotel building with at least 35,000 square meters of gross floor space. Five German and one Danish architects participated in the competition. “We are very happy that we were able to convince the jury with our design,” says Andreas Moser, CEO of Cyrus Moser Architekten, after completing the competition. “We are convinced that we have found a solution that fits both the cityscape and the architecture as a whole in the entire architectural landscape of Messe Frankfurt. “The “Messangesang Süd” is to be built by the end of 2018 and was proposed to be another unique feature of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Construction was originally planned to start in 2016.

Update as of 28 June 2017: According to Messe Frankfurt, the project is still being pursued, but with the involvement of another project developer. This is currently being discussed with a project development company known to the Skyline Atlas. Further details to be revealed as soon as they become available.

Graphics: Cyrus Moser Architekten

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