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In 2014, an architectural competition for a high-rise building at the Messe Entrance South (“Hochhaus am Messeingang Süd”) was launched at the southern measuring exhibition. The winning design was from cyrus moser: “The winning design is a striking sign and provides an innovative answer to the question of how new buildings with different uses can function,” said the jury. “All the works show which convincing responses architecture can address from today’s challenging questions,” said Mayor Olaf Cunitz, structural deputy and expert judge of the jury. “The project’s high standards in terms of functionality, sustainability and architecture make this project an enrichment of Frankfurt building culture.”

Messe Frankfurt had launched the planning contest in autumn 2013. The task was to develop ideas for a new “South”, as well as an office and hotel building with at least 35,000 square meters of gross floor space. Five German and one Danish architects participated in the competition. “We are very happy that we were able to convince the jury with our design,” says Andreas Moser, CEO of cyrus moser, after completing the competition. “We are convinced that we have found a solution that fits both the cityscape and the architecture as a whole in the entire architectural landscape of Messe Frankfurt. The south entrance to the trade fair area (“Messeeingang Süd”) was originally to be built by the end of 2018 as another unique feature of the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. The construction was delayed several times.

Highrise Messe Entrance South

According to the current state of information, the skyscraper at the south entrance of Messe Frankfurt (“Hochhaus Messeeingang Süd”) will be further planned from 2020 and built from about 2021. Completion is scheduled for the year 2024. The tower is supposed to include a hotel and office space. The hotel, for which there is no operator is known yet, arises in the lower part (between the 5th floor and 18th floor). Below the hotel the conference areas and rooms for catering will be constructed. The technical floor (19th floor) separates the hotel from the office space above it. Between the 20th floor and the 25th floor, open-plan offices are being built, which are to be used by Messe Frankfurt. Between the 26th floor and the 32nd floor arise freely rentable offices. The two top floors in the tower head again house building technology. The official height of the new Highrise at Messe Entrance South is exactly 123.10 meters up to the top of the roof (117.10 meters plus 6 meters of technical construction – see building section). Note: When you count floors in Germany, the ground is floor #0 and not #1.

Messe Entrance South

Originally, only the south entrance to the trade fair area was planned at the intended location without featuring a tower. But a short time later, the current skyscraper came into play. The south entrance will now be integrated into the proposed high-rise complex according to current plans. The low-rise building has four or five storeys (plus one overhead technical storey) and is used by Messe Frankfurt. The following plan sections are as of October 2019.

Status July 2020: As cyrus moser reports, the planning application for the new soutern entrance of Messe Frankfurt will be submitted in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Status October 2019: Some newspapers learned on the Expo Real fair what has been known to insiders for about a year: the Gustav Zech Foundation (Gustav-Zech-Stiftung) is the investor behind the new Messe high-rise.

Status August 2019: Originally a separate hotel tower hotel was planned, but will not be realized. Instead, the hotel will be integrated into the cubature of the main building. It is expected that the project will be contracted in the coming weeks. The precise plans could then be deepened in 2020.

Status June 2017: According to Messe Frankfurt, the project is still being pursued, but with the involvement of another project developer. This is currently being discussed with a project development company.

The original design envisioned a high-rise building. The hotel was at that time housed in a smaller building part of the complex. The following preliminary draft will not be realized in this way.

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