Eurotheum Frankfurt

Eurotheum is a 110-meter high-rise and was designed by the Offenbach-based architecture firm Novotny Mähner Associates. The high-rise is on Junghofstrasse and was completed in 1999. Eurotheum was built at the same time as the neighboring MAIN TOWER. Both skyscrapers share an underground car park.

Eurotheum is a mixed-use tower: it houses both office space, a hotel and serviced apartments. From the ground floor to the 21st floor there are offices and coworking areas on an area of ​​17,000 square meters. But the 22nd floor is the Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum. The hotel has two meeting rooms and a public bar called “22nd Lounge & Bar”. Furnished apartments in 74 apartments extend from the 23rd floor to the 29th floor.

The European Central Bank was a major tenant for several years. After the ECB moved out, Eurotheum underwent a major renovation. Eurotheum then opened as a multi-tenant property. In December 2018, Commerzbank sold the high-rise building to the commercial property developer GEG for EUR 250 million.

A special feature of Eurotheum is former ECB data center. The servers installed there are cooled with water, which heat up to 60 ° C and is therefore integrated directly into the building’s heating circuit.

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