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Eurotheum Frankfurt

Eurotheum is a 110-meter high-rise and was designed by the Offenbach-based architecture firm Novotny Mähner Assoziierte. The high-rise is on Junghofstrasse and was completed in 1999. Eurotheum was built at the same time as the neighboring MAIN TOWER. Both skyscrapers share an underground car park.

Eurotheum is a mixed-use tower: it houses both office space, a hotel and serviced apartments. From the ground floor to the 21st floor there are offices and coworking areas on an area of ​​17,000 square meters. But the 22nd floor is the Innside Frankfurt Eurotheum. The hotel has two meeting rooms and a public bar called 22nd Lounge & Bar. Furnished apartments in 74 apartments extend from the 23rd floor to the 29th floor.

The European Central Bank was a major tenant for several years. After the ECB moved out, Eurotheum underwent a major renovation. Eurotheum then opened as a multi-tenant property. In December 2018, Commerzbank sold the high-rise building to the commercial property developer GEG for EUR 250 million.

A special feature of Eurotheum is former ECB data center. The servers installed there are cooled with water, which heat up to 60 degrees celcius and is therefore integrated directly into the building’s heating circuit.

Interesting facts: In October 1985, Helaba commissioned Novotny Mähner Assoziierte to design an office building at the location where the Eurotheum is today. If the bank had followed these plans at the time, the Eurotheum would not have existed.

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