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EUROPA-CENTER Frankfurt Gateway Gardens by KSP Architekten

In the Gateway Gardens development area, the EUROPA-CENTER is being developed as an office tower with 15 storeys. The architecture was created by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten from Frankfurt. The projects consists of two parts, of which the smallest will be built by 2019. However, it is not possible to say exactly when the larger office tower will be built, although it is well-known it is due to be constructed in the second construction phase. The EUROPA-CENTER complex in Gateway Gardens is being built on an 8,500-square-meter plot of land along Amelia Mary-Earhart-Strasse. According to information provided by Gateway Gardens, the EUROPA-CENTER represents the biggest marketing success in the history of Frankfurt’s Gateway Gardens.

The investment volume for the EUROPA-CENTER is expected to amount to 100 million euros. With this transaction, Gateway Gardens is significantly increasing its office share: “With the purchase of this property, the basis was laid, in addition to Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Bremen, Hamburg, and Essen, in Frankfurt Gateway Gardens to develop a new location for the EUROPA-CENTER real estate group,” said Ralf-Jörg Kadenbach, board member for the project development, rental and management of EUROPA-CENTER AG.

You will find all projects of Gateway Gardens in an up-to-date overview in the Phorio real estate database.

Europacenter Frankfurt - Europa Center Gateway Gardens - January 2021

Status May 2019: The foundation stone of the EUROPA-CENTER has been laid and the construction work has begun.

Status January 2018: There is not yet a start date for the first construction phase.

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