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Deutsche Bank - skyscraper - headquarters - twin towers - Frankfurt, Germany

Deutsche Bank‘s Twin Towers were built between 1979 and 1984, based on the designs of the architects Walter Hanig, Heinz Scheid and Johannes Schmidt. The building complex consists of three parts: a four-storey pedestal building and the two high-rise towers. The building complex is based on a complete reinforced concrete construction with superimposed, mirrored glass façades. The building complex was commissioned by Josef Buchmann, and was originally planned as a hotel for the American chain Hyatt. When the two skyscrapers were taken over by the Deutsche Bank, they were already under construction.

In contrast to the adjacent Trianon building, the base of the Deutsche Bank high-rise is not well-adapted to urban development. The mirrored base is lower than its neighbouring building, but spreads over a larger floor area.

From the center of the complex (between the two towers), three components extend to the east, south-west and north-west, on an irregular ground plan. In both horizontal and vertical directions, the base construction has numerous 45 ° angles. The two towers also have the same ground plan with many 45 ° angles and are arranged symmetrically around the center at a distance of 13 meters.

Deutsche Bank Headquarters - Deutsche Bank AG - Green Towers - Twin Towers Deutsche Bank at night

The twin towers, once called “Soll und Haben” (“Should and Have”) by some, are located near Alte Oper (the Old Opera House). The towers lie in the Banking District of Frankfurt at the beginning of  Mainzer Landstrasse, as well as at the border of the Westend district, the city center and the central station.

Directly at the main entrance of the Deutsche Bank complex are entrances to the underground S-Bahnhof Taunusanlage (a lightrail system). In the south and east, the Wallanlagen are located, from which there are outstanding views of the building. In the west, the high-rise axis of Mainzer Landstrasse follows (the Trianon skyscraper, Frankfurter Büro Center and Westend 1). The twin towers have become a popular backdrop in print media and on television as a symbol of the German economy. The distinctive double towers also contributed to the role of Deutsche Bank as the core element of the close interdependence of large German conglomerates, which is known as Deutschland AG.

Status 2006: Until 2010, Deutsche Bank AG used the IBC Tower as alternative accommodation during the renovation work of the twin towers.

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