Blue Towers

Condominium towers in Frankfurt - planned Blue Towers

Two modern residential towers, called ‘the Blue Towers’, are to be constructed in Frankfurt-Niederrad at Lyoner Strasse street. The two 14-storey apartment buildings were designed by Planwerkstatt.Architekten + Stadtplaner and will provide rental units. The towers will contain bright and modern 1-2 bedroom apartments, as well as fully furnished loft-style units featuring 3-4 bedrooms. On the ground floor, retail and commercial units will be available. The project developer is Taurecon GmbH from Berlin.

The Blue Towers will be based on a former office building on the site. These are currently being dismantled for this purpose, gutted down to the supporting structure and then repositioned as a new development.

As of February 2018: There is currently no information available to the Skyline Atlas for the planned start of construction or its envisioned completion. However, a request has been issued to the project developer.

Diagram of residential towers in Frankfurt - (c) planwerkstatt.Architekten / Taurecon
Proposed residential building in Frankfurt Germany - (c) planwerkstatt.Architekten / Taurecon

Graphics: planwerkstatt.Architekten / Taurecon

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