Berliner Strasse 47

Berliner Straße 47, Offenbach, Hochhaus, Toys'R'Us

In the summer of 2017, the green light was lit for the project of investor, Michael Dietrich, who, according to the plans of architect, Christoph Mäckler along the Berliner Strasse in Offenbach, will build a complex consisting of two buildings. The high point is to have 14 floors. In the foreground of the visualisation plan is the corner of Schloss and Berliner Straße. The development reaches as far as the Schlossstrasse. The high-rise building in the middle of the new building complex marks a quarter square, which in turn forms the entrance to a footpath to Ziegelstraße.

This architectural design comes from the pen of Prof. Mäckler Architekten.

Status September 2017: The existing building is still there, and construction work has not started yet.

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