Hochhaus am Kulturcampus Frankfurt Uni Gelände Senckenberganlage

A 106-meter high office tower called ‘NINTY NINE WEST’ (’99 WEST’, formerly called Hochhaus am Kulturcampus) is to be built on the site of the former AfE Tower on the Senckenberganlage. For this, the project developer Gross & Partner had issued an architectural competition from which a winner was chosen at the end of September 2017. The winner of the architectural competition was Cyrus Moser Architects (CMA), who also designed the adjacent tower, ONE FORTY WEST.

“The concept of CMA convinced us because it is particularly well suited to ensemble ideas, which is especially important to the residential area of Bockenheim. The differentiation of the pedestal area and the successful connection to the day care centre were also rated very positively”, explains Jürgen Groß, managing partner of Groß & Partner, who had the winning design. Second place in the competition was awarded to Frankfurt-based architecture agency, Schneider + Schumacher, while third place was taken by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten also from Frankfurt.

In their last meeting before the municipal elections in 2016, the city council decided to develop the campus plan, which will be designed to function as a mixed-use district with housing, jobs and cultural facilities after the university moves.

99 West Frankfurt - planned high-rise building at the Kulturcampus - highrise tower - construction site 2019

Here is the current draft for 99 West from September 2017:

99 West Frankfurt - Visualisierung

Status April 2017: 99 West was sold by Gross & Partner to BNP Paribas Real Estate. With this transaction, the project development segment of the French major bank enters the German market.

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