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The AfE Tower (AfE-Turm) was a 116-meter-tall [...]

AfE Tower

Robert-Mayer-Strasse 5–7, Frankfurt

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The City-Haus ("City House") is located on [...]


Platz der Republik, Frankfurt

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In new Harbor of Offenbach, the office [...]

MAIN EAST GATE in Offenbach

Jean-Weipert-Strasse, Offenbach

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Sky Eschborn - new office building in the vicinity of Frankfurt - offices for rent

By 2020 the new office building Sky [...]

Sky Eschborn

Frankfurter Strasse 60-68, Eschborn

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Onyx Frankfurt Westend - Apartments in a luxury residential tower - high class real estate - condominiums - condo tower in Frankfurt

With the Onyx a residential building was [...]


Oberlindau 76-78, Frankfurt

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Westhafen Tower in Frankfurt (Germany) - Seat of the EIOPA - highrise building at the Main river shore designed by schneider+schumacher architekten

The Westhafen Tower is a transparent, greenish [...]

Westhafen Tower

Westhafenplatz 1, Frankfurt

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Evan Group boardinghouse in Frankfurt Germany - in the Lyoner Quarter in Niederrad - dormitory

In the Lyon district, a former office [...]

Boarding House Lyoner Strasse 11

Lyoner Strasse 11, Frankfurt

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Japanese architecture in Frankfurt, Germany, Europe - The Japan Center is an office tower in the Frankfurt CBD - modern skyscraper

Japan Center is a skyscraper in Frankfurt's [...]

Japan Center

Taunustor 2-4, Frankfurt

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Helaba skyscraper in Frankfurt Germany - former Frankfurter Sparkasse 1822 and Württemberger Hypothekenbank project - KSP Jürgen Engel Architects - Animation 2019 - proposed office tower

This content is password protected. To view [...]

Protected: Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59

Neue Mainzer Strasse 57-59, Frankfurt

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Highrise building planned at Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage - skyscraper on the site of the former police headquarters in Frankfurt

A high-rise project is to be built [...]

Highrise Project Old Police Headquarters

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 5-11, Frankfurt

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Millennium Tower in the European District in Frankfurt - CA Immo - EIM - Albert Speer und Partner

The Millennium Tower, formerly also called T365 [...]

Millennium Tower

Osloer Strasse, Frankfurt

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Europaturm - European Tower - TV Tower in Frankfurt - Broadcasting Tower - Tallest building in Frankfurt

The tallest building in Frankfurt is not [...]


Ginnheimer Stadtweg 90, Frankfurt

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Deutsche Bundesbank new head office Frankfurt - new skyscraper - new skyscrapers

For years, the Deutsche Bundesbank has been [...]

Deutsche Bundesbank Expansion

Wilhelm-Eppstein-Strasse, Frankfurt

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Messe Torhaus in Frankfurt - Messe Frankfurt tower - on the trade fair grounds

The Messe Torhaus ("Fair Gatehouse") was built [...]

Messe Torhaus

Emser Bruecke, Frankfurt

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2stay Hotel Frankfurt, Financial District, Frankfurt - Indigo Hotel, Staybridge Suites (c) MSM meyerschmitzmorkramer

In the Frankfurt banking district, the 2stay [...]


Mainzer Landstrasse 23, Frankfurt

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Great East Frankfurt - New apartment tower - Proposed condominium tower - Condos for sale

In the eastern part of Frankfurt, near [...]

Great East

Ferdinand-Happ-Strasse, Frankfurt

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New hotel tower at Frankfurt Airport is planned - the b'mine hotel is proposed in the Gateway Gardens district

In the Gateway Gardens development area at [...]

b’mine Hotel Frankfurt

Rita-Maiburg-Strasse, Frankfurt

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MORROW in Frankfurt, planned office building in the Westend district, by meyerschmitzmorkramer.

In the Westend district of Frankfurt, Art-Invest [...]


Oberlindau 54-56, Frankfurt

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Planned residential tower at Kennedyallee/Stresemannallee in Frankfurt, Germany - by Eike Becker Architekten

In Frankfurt's Sachsenhausen district, a new residential [...]

Kennedyallee 87

Kennedyallee 87, Frankfurt

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Condominium towers in Frankfurt - planned Blue Towers

Two modern residential towers, called 'the Blue [...]

Blue Towers

Lyoner Strasse 32, Frankfurt

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Lyoner Strasse 24, highrise, Lyoner Viertel, Lyon District, Niederrad, proposed

In the Lyon District, a 12-storey residential [...]

Lyoner Strasse 24

Lyoner Strasse 24-26, Frankfurt

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EUROPA-CENTER Frankfurt Gateway Gardens by KSP Architekten

In the Gateway Gardens development area, the [...]

EUROPA-CENTER Gateway Gardens

Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Strasse, Frankfurt

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Börsenplatz Eschborn High-rise building

In direct proximity to the headquarters of [...]

Boersenplatz Eschborn Tower

Mergenthalerallee 6-8, Eschborn

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Hahnstrasse 30-32, Frankfurt, micro apartments, high-rise

In Niederrad, a former office building is [...]

Hahnstrasse 30-32

Hahnstrasse 30-32, Frankfurt

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Nextower - Next Tower - highrise - tower - Frankfurt-thurn-und-taxis

The Nextower is a high-rise building standing [...]


Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 6, Frankfurt am Main

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Deutsche Bank - skyscraper - headquarters - twin towers - Frankfurt, Germany

The Deutsche Bank Twin Towers were built [...]

Deutsche Bank Twin Towers

Taunusanlage 12, Frankfurt

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High-rise Nordend Quarter Innovation Quarter Frankfurt

In the planned district of Günthersburghöfe (literally [...]

Guntersburg Courts High-Rise

Nordend, Frankfurt am Main

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The RIVERPARK Tower - the high-rise building [...]


Wiesenhüttenstraße 10, Frankfurt am Main

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Skyper Hochhaus Frankfurt

Project 'Skyper' is a three-part building set [...]


Taunusanlage 1, Frankfurt am Main

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Global Tower Frankfurt Bankenviertel

With the Global Tower at Neue Mainzer [...]

Global Tower

Neue Mainzer Strasse 32-36, Frankfurt

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Berliner Straße 47, Offenbach, Hochhaus, Toys'R'Us

In the summer of 2017, the green [...]

Berliner Strasse 47

Berliner Straße 47, Offenbach am Main

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kap offenbach, hochhaus, hafeninsel

At the 'kap' Island Tip Quarter ("Quartier [...]

Island Tip Quarter – kap

Hafeninsel, Offenbach am Main

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Westend Sky Frankfurt

The West End Sky is an office [...]

West End Sky

Ulmenstraße 30, Frankfurt am Main

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LEO Frankfurt, ING-DIBA Bank

In 2013 at the Theodor-Heuss-Allee, the 17-storey [...]


Theodor-Heuss-Allee 2, Frankfurt am Main

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Ruby Tower Frankfurt - affordable apartments in a tall buildings - apartment to rent

The housing company GWH is building a [...]

Ruby Tower

Lyoner Strasse 40, Frankfurt

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Baufeld 42c Europaviertel Frankfurt Hochhaus Aurelis

At the Europa-Allee, an office high-rise named [...]

DB Tower – Deutsche Bahn

Europa-Allee 84, Frankfurt

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FAZ newspaper - highrise - new headquarters building - European District - Frankfurt (c) Eike Becker

Paulus Immobilien from Grünwald (Bavaria) wants to [...]

FAZ High-Rise

Europa-Allee 92, Frankfurt

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DIPF Neubau Frankfurt

The DIPF (German Institute for International Educational [...]

New DIPF Institute

Miquelallee, Frankfurt am Main

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Hochhaus am Kulturcampus Frankfurt Uni Gelände Senckenberganlage

A 106-meter high office tower called 'NINTY [...]


Robert-Mayer-Strasse, Frankfurt

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The Spin Tower Frankfurt

At the Mainzer Landstrasse (at the corner [...]

The Spin

Guterplatz, Frankfurt

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Hafenpark Quartier Frankfurt - Hochhaus Molenkopf

The B&L Gruppe ("B&L Group") from Hamburg [...]

Harbour Park Quarter

Honsellstraße, Frankfurt am Main

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FBC Frankfurt

The FBC (also called the Frankfurter Büro Centre - [...]


Mainzer Landstrasse 40-46, Frankfurt

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Westend Gate Frankfurt - Marriott Hotel

The West End Gate (formerly known as [...]

West End Gate

Hamburger Allee 2, Frankfurt am Main

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City Tower Offenbach

The City Tower is a 120-meter tall [...]

City Tower

Berliner Straße 76, Offenbach am Main

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Silberturm Frankfurt - Silver Tower Frankfurt

The Silver Tower (German: Silberturm) is located [...]

Silver Tower

Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, Frankfurt am Main

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Grand Central Tower Frankfurt - Mecanoo Architecten

With the Grand Central Frankfurt, a mixed-use [...]

Grand Central Tower

Hafenstrasse, Frankfurt

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Praedium Frankfurt

The Praedium is a residential high-rise building [...]


Europa-Allee 101-103, Frankfurt am Main

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Gallileo Frankfurt - Commerzbank

The Gallileo office building is 136 meters [...]


Gallusanlage 7, Frankfurt am Main

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Solid Home Frankfurt - CASCADA Rising Residences

In the Europaviertel, the residential tower, 'SOLID [...]


Niedernhausener Straße 13, Frankfurt am Main

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Blue Horizon Frankfurt Unmüssig

Blue Horizon is a residential tower on [...]

Blue Horizon Frankfurt

Georg-Voigt-Strasse 11-15, Frankfurt

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To the south of the Westend district, [...]

Westend Ensemble

Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 2-8, Frankfurt am Main

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The project developers OFB and Groß & [...]

SAP High-Rise

Frankfurter Straße 1, Eschborn

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In 2014, an architectural competition for a [...]

High-Rise at Messe Entrance South

Europa-Allee (Emser Bridge), Frankfurt

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New Frankfurt Towers - Kaiserlei Offenbach - Hochhaus geplant

The CG Group, AG from Berlin plans [...]

New Frankfurt Towers

Kaiserlei, city border Offenbach/Frankfurt

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The 160 Parkview project is located in [...]

160 Park View

Grüneburgweg 102, Frankfurt

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High-rise project 'ONE' (former project name: 'Tower [...]


Osloer Strasse, 60327 Frankfurt

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Hochhaus Drei Schwestern Frankfurt by Becken Max Dudler

On the site of the former Reichspostamt [...]

High Lines

Stiftstrasse 19-27, Frankfurt

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One Forty West Frankfurt Hochhaus

ONE FORTY WEST is a high-rise building [...]


Senckenberganlage 15, Frankfurt

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Geplante Wolkenkratzer auf dem Areal der Deutsche Bank

Four high-rise buildings named FOUR Frankfurt will [...]

FOUR Frankfurt

Grosse Gallusstrasse, Frankfurt

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In the Westhafen, a housing complex with [...]

Living Quarter at Harbor West

Gutleutstrasse 299, Frankfurt

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WINX Tower in Frankfurt Germany - MainTor complex - office space - skyscraper in the financial district - skyline of Frankfurt at the river shore

The WINX Tower (Wings) is approximately 110 [...]

WinX Tower

Neue Mainzer Strasse 6-12, Frankfurt

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OpernTurm Frankfurt

The Opernturm is a 170 meters (558 [...]


Bockenheimer Landstraße 4, Frankfurt am Main

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Marienturm office tower in Frankfurt CBD 2019 - New Goldman Sachs German Headquarters Building

The Marienturm is a 155-meter (508 feet) [...]


Taunusanlage 9-10, Frankfurt am Main

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TaunusTurm in Frankfurt am Main

The TaunusTurm ("TaunusTower") is located in the [...]


Taunustor 1, Frankfurt am Main

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Skytower - Sitz der Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB)

The new headquarters building of the European [...]

Skytower (ECB)

Sonnemannstrasse 20, Frankfurt

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Omniturm Frankfurt

The OmniTurm is the pioneer of a [...]


Grosse Gallusstrasse 16-18, Frankfurt

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Trianon Frankfurt

The Trianon is a skyscraper on the [...]


Mainzer Landstraße 16-24, Frankfurt am Main

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Westendstraße 1 in Frankfurt am Main

Westend 1 is a high-rise building in [...]

Westend 1

Westendstraße 1, Frankfurt am Main

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Investment Banking Center Deutsche Bank Frankfurt

Deutsche Bank's Investment Banking Center (IBC) was [...]

Investment Banking Center

Theodor-Heuss-Allee 70, Frankfurt

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Henninger tower in Frankfurt - skyline in the background - panoramic view and restaurant Franzsika in the spire

The Henninger Turm ("Henninger Tower") is 140 [...]

Henninger Turm

Hainer Weg 72, Frankfurt

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Tower 185 in Frankfurt

This skyscraper should have been called Tower [...]

Tower 185

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, Frankfurt

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MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt Germany - skyscraper - Helaba tower in the banking district - glass facade tower

The MAIN TOWER, one of the most [...]


Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58, Frankfurt

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Porsche Design Tower

In the middle of the Europaviertel, on [...]

Porsche Design Tower

Europa-Allee 69, Frankfurt am Main

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(c) Magnus Kaminiarz & Cie. Architektur

The tallest residential building in Germany The [...]

Grand Tower

Osloer Strasse 2, Frankfurt

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Tower 90 Frankfurt

An architectural design contest was earlier launched [...]

EDEN Frankfurt

Europa-Allee 1, Frankfurt

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Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt (Germany) - Headquarters of Commerzbank AG - Seat of Commerzbank - tallest skyscraper in Germany

Since 1997 the Commerzbank Tower has dominated [...]

Commerzbank Tower

Kaiserplatz 1, Frankfurt am Main

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Messeturm Frankfurt Germany - art deco style office tower - skyscraper with a pyramid on the roof - pencil skyscraper

The MesseTurm ("exhibition tower") is a skyscraper [...]


Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49, Frankfurt

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