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Phorio - Real Estate Database Germany

Phorio is an English-language building database that records buildings worldwide according to uniform standards and makes them accessible to everyone. Each recorded building is listed with technical data, such as building height, number of floors, uses, year of construction and area. The resulting objects are linked to images and participating companies. In this way, a comprehensive real estate database for Germany is created that can be systematically queried.

Phorio’s international building database mainly contains high-rise buildings and other large structures such as bridges, towers, and office buildings. The entire life cycle of a property is recorded: regardless of whether a building has been announced, is currently under construction or has been demolished. In the Frankfurt high-rise database, Phorio has recorded more than 570 high-rise buildings that have ever been built or planned.

Phorio’s database is managed by an honorary community of experts. Anyone who wants to participate in Phorio can provide photos of buildings, enter missing data or simply evaluate real estate data.

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