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SKYLINE ATLAS - Frankfurt Real Estte - Frankfurt Architecture - Questions and Answers about Frankfurt Urban Developments

Who runs the SKYLINE ATLAS?

The information portal SKYLINE ATLAS is operated by the FRACHI GROUP, which stands for “THE FRANKFURT-CHICAGO GROUP“. This ensures that the SKYLINE ATLAS can be operated continuously.

The founding of the FRACHI GROUP goes back to the initiators Daniel Kieckhefer (Chicago), Pawel Toczynski (London), Janne Puustelli (Helsinki), and Michael Wutzke (Frankfurt), who know each other from their time together in Frankfurt and are behind the FRACHI GROUP. Some of those involved write articles in the SKYLINE ATLAS now and then. The FRACHI GROUP’s managing director is Daniel Kieckhefer. The FRACHI GROUP is based in Chicago.

The FRACHI GROUP was founded in particular to publish projects on the subject of high-rise buildings. The other FRACHI GROUP projects, however, do not deal specifically with urban development in Frankfurt. The SKYLINE ATLAS is just one of the company’s various projects.

The SKYLINE ATLAS is financed by the FRACHI GROUP. With this, the company would like to contribute to the positive perception of the city of Frankfurt. Making a profit was and is not the focus of the SKYLINE ATLAS. The readers of SKYLINE ATLAS should be informed as objectively as possible about the urban development Frankfurt has taken in recent years and what major building projects are planned.

The SKYLINE ATLAS acts as a bridge between the interests of opinion leaders in business, politics and society. This also explains why everyone is invited to participate in the creation of content.

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