Gateway Gardens

Gateway Gardens is an urban development area in the south of the city and borders directly Frankfurt Airport. The commercial district is currently constructed by 2021 on the site of the former US military settlement of Gateway Gardens, which was cleared in 2005. Gateway Gardens is not a city district of its own, but officially

European District – Europaviertel

The European District (Europaviertel) in Frankfurt is an area close to the city center that will be built between 2006 and 2024. The European District Frankfurt used to be home to the main freight station. The European District is not a city district of its own, but officially belongs to the Gallus district. When the

Banking District

The Banking District of Frankfurt is an inner-city area in which a large number of banks, law firms, and organizations (particularly from the financial sector) are located. The Banking District is not an independent district and has no fixed boundaries. Today, areas of the western city center, the eastern Bahnhofsviertel (lit. Railway Station District) and