European District Frankfurt - European Quarter Frankfurt - Europaviertel Frankfurt - aerial photo - panorama

European Quarter – Europaviertel

The European Quarter (“Europaviertel”) in Frankfurt is an area close to the city center that will be built between 2006 and 2024. The European Quarter Frankfurt used to be home to the main freight station. The European Quarter is not a city district of its own, but officially belongs to Gallus.

When the European Quarter is completed, the urban development project will be available with a large number of offices, hotels, apartments, a school and social infrastructure, parks as well as shopping and leisure facilities. The U5 subway is scheduled for completion in 2024 after delays. According to original plans, around 30,000 people are to work and up to 10,000 live in Frankfurt’s Europaviertel. This ratio could shift in favour of the number of inhabitants due to the increased demand for living space since around 2012.

The area of the European Quarter has a size of almost 90 hectares. The area will be divided into the European Quarter West and European Quarter East, according to the two property owners; the visually clearly visible boundary between these two areas is the high railway line with the Emser Bridge. The master plan for the huge real estate project was implemented by Aurelis and Vivico. Aurelis Asset GmbH originally owned 66.7 hectares in the eastern part and 18 hectares in the western part belonged to Vivico Real Estate GmbH (since June 2011: CA Immo). The individual plots have now also been sold to other project developers.

The eastern and western parts of the European Quarter are shown below:

Today, the quarter covers a total of 145 hectares, including further areas at the edge. The area of the European Quarter stretches for approx. 2.4 kilometres from the residential area on the Rebstock site and the Kuhwaldsiedlung in the north-west along the Frankfurt exhibition grounds to the Güterplatz in the south-east. To the south, the area is bordered by the Gallus district and the Hellerhofsiedlung. The European Quarter Frankfurt is dominated by the Europa-Allee, which runs the entire length of the district.

The developments in the European Quarter include a number of new high-rise buildings. The projects Grand Tower, The Spin, EDEN and ONE are being built in the eastern part of the European Quarter. In the western part, the Praedium, AXIS and Westside Tower projects have so far been built. By 2022, SOLID HOME, Porsche Design Tower, DB Tower and FAZ Tower will also be built here. The plans for the Millennium Tower and the new exhibition tower in the European Quarter have not yet been realized. Nevertheless, more new skyscrapers are being built here in the European Quarter than in the Financial District.

The panorama picture Frankfurt (the top image) shows the outlines of the European Quarter during a photo flight Frankfurt with a helicopter (September 2019).

The real estate database Phorio lists almost 180 buildings in its overview Real Estate European Quarter and thus shows the current state of development. However, you can also display only the high-rise buildings in the European Quarter (18 entries in total).